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Scholarship Program of the German Catholic Bishops' Conference
for Orthodox and Oriental-Orthodox Theologians

On behalf of the German Catholic Bishops' Conference, the Johann-Adam-Moehler-Institute provides support for scholarship holders from the Orthodox and Oriental-Orthodox Churches. The purpose of the program is to support theology students and religious of these churches who want to gain an insight into church life in Germany and into the theological, church-historical, exegetical and pastoral methods and approaches of western theology.

The scholarship program is intended for theology students (priests and lay people, monks and nuns) sent by their bishops to study in Germany. The candidates must have successfully completed at least basic studies in theology (seminary, bachelor level), and should have basic knowledge of German language.

The program offers language scholarships, research scholarships and post-graduate scholarships. The language courses for Orthodox scholarship holders take place in Paderborn. Application for research scholarships and post-graduate scholarships is possible for studies at all Catholic faculties of theology in Germany.  Further information on application deadlines and documents to be submitted for an application is given here.


Gruppenbild Stipendiaten
The scholarship students of the academic year 2014/15, holding a language scholarship, living in Paderborn and studying at the Moehler-Institute (from left to the right): Yuhannes Aktas, Fr. Stefan Barbu, Ivan Dirimanov, Atanas Aralamov, Mihail Andreescu,
Fr. Metodije Markovic, Stefan Jankovic, Dusko Orasanin, Fr. Emanuel-Andrei Rusu, Hany Shenouda.


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