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Types of scholarship


Three different types of scholarships are offered:

Language scholarships serve to deepen knowledge of the German language, to gain knowledge of the situation of the Catholic Church in Germany and to establish first personal contacts. The scholarships are granted for at least 4 months, but for no more than 12 months. Basic knowledge of the German language must have been acquired in the home country. Language courses for all Orthodox scholarship holders of the German Catholic Bishops´ Conference take place in Paderborn. The language scholarship serves to prepare the candidates for the “Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang ausländischer Studienbewerber“ (DSH), which means “German Language University Entrance Examination for Foreigners”.  Passing this examination is the general requirement for university admission in Germany.

Research scholarships serve to finance a stay for library research in Germany for theology students from Orthodox and Oriental-Orthodox Churches working in their homeland on a scholarly publication (doctoral thesis or comparable studies), who would like to consult  German literature for their research. In addition, lecturers of theology at Orthodox faculties, seminars and academies (professors and assistants) may apply for such a scholarship, if they want to use libraries in Germany for preparation of lectures, tutorials or their own scientific projects. Research scholarships are limited to a maximum period of three months per year. Direct extension after expiration of this scholarship is not possible, but a new application for the following year will be accepted.

Post-graduate scholarships serve the specific support of future lecturers at Orthodox theological schools and universities in their native countries. Candidates applying for a post-graduate scholarship must be graduated in theology in their native countries. They should have completed the language course in Paderborn or have to prove sufficient knowledge of German. The post-graduate scholarship is intended for the financial support of theological studies at a Catholic faculty of theology in Germany which will be completed with a German academic degree (Master, Licentiate, Doctorate). The final paper of the scholarship holder should give priority to subjects dealing with western theology or church history.

Further guidance on application deadlines and documents to be submitted for an application is given here.


The scholarship students of the academic year 2013/14 in Paderborn. From left to the right, above: Jovica Radović, Petro Chahlei, Emil Petrov, Vera Pachko, Sergi Shonia, Gabi Gawrieh, below: Luben Levenov, Illia Dudarchyk, Tsvetan Atanasov.

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