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The scientific research of the institute focuses on working out the fundamentals of the ecumenical dialogue and its hermeneutics. Core theme is the study and display of the ecumenical capabilities of catholic theology. In addition to that, there is the scientific study and display of the teaching, order and life in the churches and ecclesial communities that are separated from the Catholic Church, especially those with protestant confession (confessional studies). In the last years questions of Orthodoxy have been raised as well.

The directors of the institute focus in their research on the following themes:

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Thönissen

  • Ecumenical hermeneutics
  • Research of the history of the Reformation
  • Theology of the Second Vatican Council
  • Ecumenical Ecclesiology
  • Ecumenical Theology


PD Dr. Burkhard Neumann

  • Protestant Churches
  • Free Churches
  • Questions of Sacramental Theology


Dr. Johannes Oeldemann

  • Confessional studies with focus on Churches of the Christian East (Orthodox, Oriental-Orthodox and Churches united with Rome)
  • Ecumenism: Collection and analysis of official dialogue documents (Edition “Documents of growing agreement”)
  • Ecumenical dialogues: Orthodox-catholic talks on a national and international level


The Möhler-Institute runs a scientific specialised library with about 150.000 volumes.

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