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The name of the institute



The institute is named after the theologian Johann Adam Möhler. He was born in Igersheim (Baden-Wuerttemberg) and lived from 1796 to 1838. Since the 19th century he has been considered as reformer of the Catholic theology. With his works "Unity in the church" (1825) and "Symbolism" (1832) he introduced the scientific research of doctrinal differences between the confessions on behalf of the Catholic Church. Contrary to the usual practice at that time, Möhler avoided both polemics and dogmatic irenicism when depicting the doctrine of the churches of reformation and referred to their own official confessional documents. Möhler thus contributed to overcome the controversial theological polemics. Therefore, he is considered as pioneer and innovator of today´s ecumenical theology. The Second Vatican Council adopted some of Möhler´s important insights.

Johann-Adam-Möhler-Institut für Ökumenik * Leostr. 19a * 33098 Paderborn * Tel.: 05251-8729-800 * Fax: 05251-280210 * E-Mail: jam[at]moehlerinstitut.de